University bike sharing programme

We designed a secure cycle shelter and vertical storage carousel for a university bike-sharing system. Our client, the BUAP University in Puebla, could not find any option to fit the required number of bikes in the limited space available. Our innovative vertical carousel design fits 26 bikes in just 10m2 - a huge reduction compared to conventional options. The user (in this case the staff member in charge of the kiosk) can hang each bike on a hook and rotate the carousel to access more storage.

The carousels were housed in a series of brightly coloured, personalised shelters with space for 52 and 78 bikes. This modular kiosk design allows for flexible placement according to requirements. The bike storage can be easily extended or relocated as needed. We provided space for graphics and maps to inform users of the system and routes.

Since opening in 2013, the 'Lobobici' bike sharing programme has been a huge success, with thousands of journeys made every day on 4 routes between 18 stations.