Stackable ceramic plant pot design

Bringing nature indoors

‘Tokani’, a word meaning ‘sower’ in the Nahuatl language, is a four piece stackable ceramic plant pot. 

The ceramics studio Arta Ceramica invited 10 design studios and 10 artists to create a limited-edition piece to be exhibited and sold in Medellin 174 Art Gallery.

These kinds of events give us the opportunity to work using different materials to those we usually use. They are also a great opportunity to get the whole team together to maximise our creativity and brainstorm ideas.

This stackable tree-shaped set has space for four plants. Water can be added at the top and will filter down through the sections, watering all the plants and collecting in the base. Produced by Arta Ceramics and available exclusively through their website.

Produced by Arta Ceramics and available through their website. In 2019, Tokani was selected for the Worldwide Things Collection from the UNESCO Cities of Design Network.

Tokani was also featured in the Austrian design magazine ‘The Stylemate’.