Design for charity Snoopy/Metlife

Giving back through design

Design for charity events are a wonderful way for us to give back and support worthy causes. This event raised funds for the Make-A-Wish foundation and was a great opportunity for us to let our imaginations fly as a team.

The Design Museum MUMEDI invited us as VIP participants in two charity design events in collaboration with Snoopy and MetLife.

The whole team at Neko enjoyed brainstorming ideas for transforming the fibreglass Snoopy figures while keeping the iconic character recognisable. For the first, we completely re-assembled the piece, transforming it into a joyful Snoopy skipping with a ‘rope’ – a steel rod which made the figure appear to be jumping.

The second piece was a lamp. When turned off, it appeared to be a normal statue of Snoopy. When turned on, the light shone out of the piece through a series of intricate acrylic circles symbolising ‘the light within’ – the name of the design.

The resulting whimsical collections of over 200 unique Snoopys was exhibited and participated in a nationwide tour. They were finally sold in a charity auction gala event, raising much needed funds for this worthy cause.