Smart cycle parking hub at city metro station

Mexico City is rolling out an ambitious plan to connect cycle and public transport networks. This public mobility plan will connect strategic points of the city. Our client, the Ministry for the Environment in Mexico City, commissioned Neko for a custom industrial design project.  They needed a series of infrastructure projects, in this case cycle hubs at key metro stations. We designed and constructed an 80-space smart cycle parking hub. This semi-permanent building has automated controlled access and CCTV for extra security and smart data tracking. The modular design can be adapted according to bike storage requirements at each site. Inside, Neko Double-decker racks provide easy-to-use storage.

We have manufactured and installed several different versions of this hub outside key metro stations in the city. This provides safe and secure bike storage for thousands of commuters each day. The project has been a huge success and our client plans to expand the network over the next few years. For this project Neko was selected for Obras magazine’s ‘10 Studios-Smart Cities 2018’ in their prestigious annual awards.