Playwaves play sculpture collection

Let’s be honest, traditional playgrounds are a bit boring…

Children are full of imagination, and we believe that their play areas should respect and encourage that. Inspired by our own children, we designed Playwaves™, a ground-breaking new concept designed to bring creativity back to play.

Discover endless ways to play with Playwaves™ - organic curved sculptures which encourage climbing, bouncing, walking, rolling… a unique recreational and social experience for kids of all ages. They can use it however they like, with none of the limits of traditional playground equipment.

The new Nekoflex™ material provides a unique play surface which is cushioned but not bouncy. Tested extensively, it’s flexible but incredibly durable, as well as weather-resistant and easy to maintain.

Playwaves™ are a great focal point for any urban project. Fully compliant with EN-1176, the product line includes 12 designs in different sizes, shapes and colours, Whatever the size of your space, we have the perfect play equipment for you.

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