Neko Play – our innovative playgrounds

Imagine spectacular play areas that make your projects a talking point!

Children are full of imagination, and we believe that their play areas should respect and encourage that. Inspired by our own children, we designed Playwaves™, a ground-breaking new concept designed to bring creativity back to play.

Discover endless ways to play with Playwaves™ - organic curved sculptures which encourage climbing, bouncing, walking, rolling… a unique recreational and social experience for kids of all ages. They can use it however they like, with none of the limits of traditional playground equipment.

The new Nekoflex™ material provides a unique play surface which is cushioned but not bouncy. Tested extensively, it’s flexible but incredibly durable, as well as weather-resistant and easy to maintain.

Playwaves™ are a great focal point for any urban project. Fully compliant with EN-1176, the product line includes 12 designs in different sizes, shapes and colours, Whatever the size of your space, we have the perfect play equipment for you.

Creative play

Designed to spark open-ended play. Children can use Playwaves however they like, with no limits to their imagination.

Safety certified

All our Playwaves products are compliant with EN1176-1:2017 for your peace of mind.


With no hidden corners, screws, or handrails where dirt and germs can collect, Playwaves can be easily cleaned and disinfected with a pressure washer. Creating healthy, safe play experiences for children.

Play anywhere

With a tough weather resistant finish, Playwaves are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Eye-catching colours

The steel structure contrasts with the bright NekoFlex play surface. Available in yellow, blue and red, Playwaves are a vibrant addition to any play area.

Award-winning design

Internationally awarded for outstanding design. Wave won a Red Dot Award: Product Design 2020 (Germany), and the Flow Collection was selected for the Ibero-American Design Biennial 2020 (Spain).

Play projects 

At Neko, we design solutions, and we know that some projects have very specific requirements. With our custom design service, our experienced team works closely with our clients to design the perfect bespoke elements for playground projects. Whether a bespoke play area, or monumental lettering and logos, we can design the ideal solution for you: