Monumental letters for brand awareness

Monumental letters are a great statement piece. At the entrance to a development, museum, airport and more, they create impactful brand awareness. 

Make your brand stand out

Giving people the opportunity to interact and play with giant letters or a logo is a fantastic way to increase brand recognition and maximise visibility. Going one step further than just big letters, this statement piece features hidden play equipment – making the letters even more enticing. 

Our client, Marca Pais, is the government department responsible for the country branding of Mexico. The country logo is an eye-catching design featuring the word ‘Mexico’ in bright colours. We designed a piece of bespoke play equipment to enhance our client’s international marketing campaigns.

The brief was to create a series of three-dimensional play pieces from the well-recognised colourful country logo. Designed for placement in airports, strategic city locations and international trade events, it would maximise visibility and increase brand awareness globally. 

We created giant letters which from the front make up the logo of Mexico, but we then went one step further. By converting each letter into a 3D sculpture we provided unique play opportunities. Climbing, sliding, sitting – multiple ways to play hidden within the letters. Meaning that people interact with the logo in a totally new and unique way. 


We can turn any letter or logo into an interactive play experience. Contact us to chat about how we can help you gain brand visibility. See more of our work designing 3D sculptures from logos in our Ludic Object project.