Industrial design for traffic systems

Adding value through design

Industrial design can be the bridge between a good product and an outstanding one. It can add value and help technological products to really stand out in a competitive market. 

Our client, urban mobility specialists Vixionere, commissioned us to design the exterior casings for their traffic solutions. These include traffic lights, speed cameras and electronic information displays. The design brief was to create products with a distinct image to improve brand recognition and differentiation.

The final design consolidated our client’s position as market leaders. We carried out extensive research with a panel of experts in the fields of mobility, traffic psychology, advertising and sociology. The systems were exhibited at Mobility Expos and conferences, to great acclaim. 

These products have since been installed in numerous cities and residential developments. Our designs helped our client to achieve their objective of creating safe, efficient and sustainable urban spaces.

If you’re interested in seeing how we can improve an existing product through industrial design, contact us, we’d be happy to discuss what you have in mind.