LED screen casing design

Improving products through design

Industrial design consultancy can add huge value to a product. When applied to an existing product, we can help to streamline the design and improve production efficiency. Resulting in savings and an improved product.

INLED is a company specialising in electronic solutions and screens. They came to Neko looking for a new screen casing design for one of their products, an electronic screen for public transport. The existing design was costly to product and hard to install.

By using the existing product as our base, and looking at every detail of the design, we were able to make it both easier to produce and install. The aim was to give our client a competitive advantage in their market and the result was a considerable cost saving.

This was a full product design project, from competitive analysis and conceptual design right through to prototyping and supervision of manufacture.

The end result allowed our client to achieve considerable improvements in their manufacturing and installation costs.