Up and Away

Neko’s patent-pending Double Decker Bicycle Rack design features a unique user-friendly angle from ground level, which means the bike can be easily wheeled into place - no lifting required - and raised to the upper level by the pneumatically assisted folding system.


Made in Europe, available worldwide



What makes our rack different?



• It’s all about the angle - at just 24° this really is a user-friendly rack
• We’ve eliminated the lifting – just wheel your bike on from ground level

• It’s not a workout! Pneumatic assistance to raise the bike smoothly with minimum effort
• A point often overlooked – our rack is virtually silent to use, with no clanging of metal rails

• Accommodates all types of bikes, including accessories, even E-bikes up to 30kg

• Wheel channels on upper and lower levels keep bikes stable
• Built to last with minimal maintenance

• Space-saving – double the bikes compared to single tier racks – 8 bikes in just 2 metres

• Ergonomically designed hand grips
• Specially designed side rail allows for multiple locking points

• Award winning design (European Product Design Awards, 2017, Design for Social Impact category)
• Patent pending design world-wide

• Already installed in projects in France and Mexico