Neko Double Decker bike Rack

Up and Away!

As effortless as it looks, the Neko Double Decker Bicycle Rack features a unique user-friendly angle from ground level. This means the bike can be easily wheeled into place and raised to the upper level. No need to lift the bike at all. 

Easy to use by anybody, with gas strut assist and patented folding system.

Award-winning design, made in Europe.


What makes the Neko Double Decker Bicycle Rack different?


The Challenge

Our solution

“Only use two-tier parking as a last resort. Parking on two-tiers […] significantly reduces space consumption, up to 50% […] However, lifting bikes requires a serious effort that many cyclists will try to avoid.” - PRESTO Intelligent Energy Europe – European Commission
“Where two-tier parking is introduced, low-level parking should be provided for the convenience of those who are unable or unwilling to lift their cycles” – Sustrans Design Manual, Cycle Parking, 2014 (UK) - PRESTO Intelligent Energy Europe – European Commission
Leave the workout for the gym! The double decker rack by Neko is both space-saving and effortless.
We’ve eliminated the lifting. You can wheel your bike straight on to our rack and the pneumatic system helps you raise it to the upper level.

Features & Benefits

• It’s all about the angle – at just 24° this really is a user-friendly rack
• We’ve eliminated the lifting – just wheel your bike on from ground level

• It’s not a workout! Pneumatic assistance to raise the bike smoothly with minimum effort
• A point often overlooked – our rack is virtually silent to use, with no clanging of metal rails.

• Accommodates all types of bikes, including accessories, even E-bikes up to 30kg

• So easy to use, the top racks are often filled first

• Wheel channels on upper and lower levels keep bikes stable
• Built to last with minimal maintenance

 Space-saving – double the bikes compared to single tier racks – 8 bikes in just 2 metres

• Ergonomically designed hand grips
• Specially designed side rail allows for multiple locking points

• Award winning design (European Product Design Awards, Brussels, 2017; Ibero American Design Biennial, Madrid, 2018; National Design Biennial, Mexico City, 2017, 1st Place)
• Patented design and EUIPO registered design

• Hundreds of racks already in use in cycling infrastructure projects

• Available worldwide through our exclusive distribution partners 

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