Custom Cycle Hub Design for Bogotá

The city of Bogotá, Colombia, has plans to expand its cycling infrastructure, connecting cycling and public transport networks for seamless intermodal mobility. Neko was commissioned to design a bespoke modular cycle parking hub.

Modular and Sustainable Solution

The cycle hub features space for 48 bikes and controlled access, with the option to include advertising space. The completely modular design allows for various sizes and configurations to meet the client’s requirements.

Effortless Bike Parking

Neko proposed the use of vertical bike racks with gas-spring assist, making it easy to store bikes securely and efficiently.

Bogotá's Expanding Cycling Infrastructure

The city government is dedicated to improving urban cycling infrastructure to support commuters. Neko’s custom cycle hub design is a key part of this initiative.

Intermodal Mobility Made Easy

By connecting cycling and public transport networks, Bogotá aims to make intermodal mobility accessible and convenient for its residents. Neko’s cycle hub provides a secure and sustainable parking solution for cyclists.

Leading the Way in Urban Cycling Infrastructure

“Leading the Way in Urban Cycling Infrastructure” Neko is proud to contribute to the city of Bogotá’s vision for sustainable and intermodal mobility with its custom cycle hub design. The company continues to innovate and lead the way in urban cycling infrastructure.