Chapultepec Park 1st Section Furniture

In collaboration with the renowned landscape architect Mario Schjetnan and his studio GDU we designed urban furniture and signage for Chapultepec Park. This historic city park is the largest green area in Latin America, attracting over 15 million visitors per year. The brief was to design modern and durable urban furniture which would fit well in the historic surroundings. Alongside the main signage project, we designed a range of benches, loungers and litter bins.

The clean, simple lines of the designs subtly enhance the landscape vision and improve user experience. Innovative products such as loungers invite visitors to sit and enjoy a moment of relaxation in nature. For the litter bins, we worked with the park maintenance department to optimize our designs to make waste disposal and general upkeep easier. The products were designed to be extremely durable and easy to maintain. All are still in optimum condition over a decade later.