Santo Domingo Plaza Refurbishment

Bollards and kiosks, designed for a main city square.  Bridging history and contemporary In urban areas an interesting challenge is often designing pieces which fit in well with both contemporary and historical elements.  The Mexico City Historical Centre Trust commissioned Neko to design urban furniture for the renovation of an important downtown plaza. They asked […]

Intelligent traffic management systems casing design

Industrial design for traffic systems Adding value through design Industrial design can be the bridge between a good product and an outstanding one. It can add value and help technological products to really stand out in a competitive market.  Our client, urban mobility specialists Vixionere, commissioned us to design the exterior casings for their traffic solutions. These […]

Chapultepec signage design

Signage design and wayfinding project for the largest park in Latin America. Showing the way for millions In a park with 15 million annual visitors a year, signage and wayfinding are of vital importance. Clear, concise and durable, so that people can find their way around easily and fully enjoy their visit.   Winner of a […]

Mexico Country Brand Monumental Letters

Monumental letters for brand awareness Monumental letters are a great statement piece. At the entrance to a development, museum, airport and more, they create impactful brand awareness.  Make your brand stand out Giving people the opportunity to interact and play with giant letters or a logo is a fantastic way to increase brand recognition and […]

Custom play equipment Logo

Custom play equipment from a logo What if people could interact with a company’s logo in a totally unique way? We can help you to drive your brand’s awareness, by creating custom play equipment and sculptures from a logo.  Driving brand awareness Why not go one step further than the typical plaque or sign to […]

Bogota cycle parking hub

Custom Cycle Hub Design for Bogotá The city of Bogotá, Colombia, has plans to expand its cycling infrastructure, connecting cycling and public transport networks for seamless intermodal mobility. Neko was commissioned to design a bespoke modular cycle parking hub. Modular and Sustainable Solution The cycle hub features space for 48 bikes and controlled access, with […]