Double decker bicycle rack

Neko Double Decker bike Rack Play Full video Up and Away! As effortless as it looks, the Neko Double Decker Bicycle Rack features a unique user-friendly angle from ground level. This means the bike can be easily wheeled into place and raised to the upper level. No need to lift the bike at all.  Easy to use […]

Bike school design

This bike school design provides a dedicated area for children and adults to practice riding their bikes before safely taking to the road. Inspiring future cyclists Cycling on the road can be a daunting experience at first. Traffic, lack of infrastructure, unexpected hazards. This design provides an adaptable and safe space for cyclists of all […]

University bike sharing programme

Bike storage for bicycle sharing system Bike sharing programmes are a great way to improve sustainable mobility. But they need adequate, secure bike storage to work properly.  Getting more people cycling We designed a secure cycle shelter and vertical bike storage carousel for a university bike-sharing system. The challenge was to fit all the bikes […]

Bogota cycle parking hub

Custom Cycle Hub Design for Bogotá The city of Bogotá, Colombia, has plans to expand its cycling infrastructure, connecting cycling and public transport networks for seamless intermodal mobility. Neko was commissioned to design a bespoke modular cycle parking hub. Modular and Sustainable Solution The cycle hub features space for 48 bikes and controlled access, with […]

Bike lane divider custom design

This custom bike lane divider is designed specifically for the government of Mexico City, to fit with the aesthetic of their cycling infrastructure programme. Getting more people on their bikes Working in collaboration with AGENT studio, the brief was to design a bike lane divider for the new city cycle lanes. It should provide a […]

Assisted vertical bike rack

In city cycle hubs, space is often at a premium. A vertical bike rack is a great option to maximise the parking spaces available to cyclists. Easy for everybody to use Our client, the Ministry for the Environment of Mexico City, needed a user-friendly bike parking system for their new cycle hubs. The space was limited, […]

Car-shaped bike rack

This eye-catching rack has space for 12 bikes and makes a strong statement about the space that cars take up in urban areas.  12 bikes – one car parking space With the slogan “12 bikes in one car parking space”, our car shaped bike rack was selected and customised for Mexico City. It was part […]

Large bike parking hub for city train station

A bike parking hub design to provide secure storage for over 1000 bikes near to public transport stations. Intermodal mobility solution Our client, the government of Mexico City, is implementing a city-wide plan to improve cycling infrastructure and encourage people to cycle. Providing bike storage next to important public transport stations is a key part […]

Smart cycle parking at la villa station

Smart cycle hub​ at city metro stations Key to urban mobility is connecting different modes of transport. Users need to be able to easily get to public transport, and the bike is the perfect option for this. A smart cycle hub provides secure, user-friendly storage for commuters. Connecting city transport Mexico City is rolling out […]