Car Bike Rack


Make a statement – park 12 bikes in just one car parking space! An eye-catching design with a clear message – bicycles take up so much less space than cars. How would our streets be improved if bicycles were prioritised over cars?

The perfect piece to raise awareness about the advantages of cycling and the space that cars take up in our cities. By moving bicycle parking on to a protected, safe area on the road, we can avoid bicycle use on pavements and pedestrian areas, and create separate areas for all road users.

Behind the striking car design, easily visible from the road and available in a range of colours, the specially designed racks allow users to lock both the frame and the wheel, for added security. Extra protection on each end provide spaces for optional customisation by adding your logo or graphics.

This product was used in a city-wide “12 bikes in one car parking space” campaign, with great success. Take a look here.

SKU: MUE-15-03

Measurements: L: 4.47 m W: 1.10 m H: 1.50 m

Capacity: 12 bikes

Steel tube (Stainless steel option)

Micro-welded and screws

In-ground installation by encasing each leg in concrete

Powder-coated steel suitable for exterior use and UV resistant (Stainless steel option). Colour options available.

Additional information:
Highly resistant to vandalism.
Areas for customisation/graphics (optional extra).

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Double bicycle rack ideal for space-saving. Patent pending design with pneumatically assisted folding system to assist the user in lifting the bicycle to the upper position.

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Brown, Dark grey, Green, Red