Car-shaped bike rack

This eye-catching rack has space for 12 bikes and makes a strong statement about the space that cars take up in urban areas. 

12 bikes -
one car parking space

With the slogan “12 bikes in one car parking space”, our car shaped bike rack was selected and customised for Mexico City.

It was part of a campaign to encourage cycling and raise awareness about how much space is given to cars in the city.

The protective elements at each end serve a dual purpose by also providing a space for the client’s logo, and the slogan to highlight the message. The racks themselves provide multiple locking points, making it suitable for all kinds of bikes. 

By moving bike parking on to a protected, safe area on the road, our client was able to avoid bicycle use on pavements and pedestrian areas, creating separate areas for all road users. 



The design was finished with an eye-catching bright powder coating in line with our client’s colour palette. It was installed in strategic locations around the city.