Biourban Urban air filter

Industrial design consultancy for the ground-breaking company BiomiTech.

Making technology stand out

Industrial design can bridge the gap between a good product and an outstanding one. Helping technology companies and their solutions to really stand out in a crowded market. 

Our client, BiomiTech is a leading specialist in clean air solutions. We designed the housing for their ground-breaking product, a urban air filter and organic biofertilizer generator. The Biourban system uses microalgae to transform air pollution into oxygen.

Sometimes referred to as artificial ‘trees’ in the media, this is a large filter intended for use in urban and industrial areas. The design development involved extensive collaboration with the client to fully understand the technology involved. Light needed to reach the algae for the process to work, and it needed to be a statement piece to attract attention.

The striking design was a key element in the marketing and ultimate success of this new technological project. It has attracted international attention for its unusual design and ground-breaking technology.

Biourban is due to be installed in several locations worldwide. Read an article about it here.

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