Bike lane divider bespoke design for city government

Case Study


Ministry for the Environment (SEDEMA), Mexico City

Sector: Public

Year: 2013


In collaboration with the studio AGENT and designer Alberto Villareal we designed a bespoke cycle lane divider as part of the cycling infrastructure programme implemented by the Ministry for the Environment of Mexico City.


 The main function of the lane divider was to create a safe space for cyclists by stopping cars invading the cycle lane. However, the design also needed to fit well with existing urban elements and the progressive aesthetics of the city’s cycling infrastructure programme. It needed to provide not only a physical barrier, but a visual one, which car users would perceive as difficult to cross.


Neko and AGENT carried out a design project which considered all the factors necessary for a successful bike lane divider. The design would be unique to the city, allowing the client to unify all the cycle lanes city-wide. 


After considering several shapes and sizes, the final design is 2 metres long with a triangular profile manufactured in extruded recycled medium-density polyethylene – a material and process which are both cost-effective and environmentally friendly. 

The geometry of the piece considers the needs of both cyclists and motorists, featuring a more vertical angle on the car side which offers extra protection if a car does accidentally hit the divider. 

On the cyclist side the angle is sloped, to help the cyclist maintain control in case of accidental impact. 


The material is tough enough to use as a road element yet cushioned with no sharp edges, to withstand accidental impact without damaging cars or bikes. 

To maximise visibility, reflective material in white and red was included on either end and along the side facing the car lane. Finally, the element was personalised with a bicycle icon and the city’s social media hashtag.


The Delta bike lane divider was installed along several kilometres of one of the city’s pioneering bike lanes, where they still provide protection for city cyclists 8 years later.


The lane divider was just one of the projects Neko has developed for this client, which include smart cycle hubs and user-friendly bike racks, all under the same unifying design aesthetic.


In keeping with our goal to ensure happy clients by going one step further, we delivered this project on a USB memory stick encased in a mini 3D-printed version of the lane divider. This unexpected detail was much appreciated by the client.