Assisted vertical bike rack

In city cycle hubs, space is often at a premium. A vertical bike rack is a great option to maximise the parking spaces available to cyclists.

Easy for everybody to use

Our client, the Ministry for the Environment of Mexico City, needed a user-friendly bike parking system for their new cycle hubs. The space was limited, so they specifically wanted a vertical storage system to fit all the bikes in. 

They had already had a bad experience with hard-to-use vertical bike storage, where users had to lift their bike onto a hook. This put many people off cycling, so it was essential that the new racks would be easy for all members of the public to use.

The Neko vertical bike rack was the perfect option for these projects. With gas spring assist and an easy to use lifting system, they can be used by everyone. We added graphic design instructions to make it even clearer and to customise the racks for our client.

This initial project has been extended to more locations across the city public transport network. This means that user-friendly bike storage in Neko racks is now available to thousands of commuters every day.

Our client has gained considerable international recognition thanks to our work designing cycle hubs and bike parking systems. In 2017, Mexico City was awarded a ‘Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements Award’ by UN-Habitat for these Massive Bicycle Parking Facilities, featuring Neko bike racks.