Industrial design for the urban environment

Custom projects, from concept to manufacture. Specialists in urban products.

Unique play experiences to spark the imagination.

Innovative and user-friendly solutions to promote sustainable urban mobility for all.

Design-led street furniture and signage, created to enhance urban projects.


Neko is an industrial design studio creating beautiful and functional products for the urban environment since 2005. We are passionate about public space and its ability to shape and improve communities, and our vision is to make the world around us better through design. 

Our speciality is helping our clients to fast-forward the lengthy design process by designing innovative and highly relevant urban products, including playgrounds, street furniture and cycling solutions

At Neko we believe in integral development throughout the whole product lifecycle, from concept to manufacture and beyond. For custom projects, we work closely with our clients to design unique solutions with our design consultancy service

In addition, a selection of our most innovative and best-selling urban products are available through our growing network of distributors.


Discover how Neko’s design solutions can enhance your urban projects.

A shared passion

Neko started life in 2005 with four friends, a couple of computers and a big vision to make the world better through our designs. Since then, we have worked with corporations, architects, urban designers and public authorities all over the world, designing new solutions for urban spaces. The team has grown with collaborators and partners who share our vision. Neko’s work has been featured in press from Forbes to Architectural Digest, exhibited worldwide, and has won several international design awards along the way.

Hiroshi, Alice, Daniel and Karime, Co-founders of Neko Design

Inspired by your urban projects


Almost two decades ago, we started out working on industrial design consultancy projects such as custom urban furniture and signage design for architects and urban designers. After working with several high-profile clients, something interesting happened. People were contacting us to ask how they could buy the street furniture from these bespoke projects. They liked it much more than the other commercially available options. 

Our clients look for designs which help their urban projects stand out. Well-designed, user-friendly pieces, that are built to last. We knew that we needed to design a range of urban products which would appeal to them. Our aim? For each piece to add something extra – the finishing touch for urban spaces. With our objective clear, we created our own line of urban furniture, cycling solutions and playgrounds. 

It didn’t stop there. People kept looking to us to design the things they couldn’t find – a user-friendly two-tier bike rack; a smart cycle hub; imaginative playgrounds…the list went on.


Award-winning design


The result was three product lines – including cycle parking, playgrounds and street furniture. Many have won design awards; all are inspired by the vision of our clients. With our Neko Design consultancy service we have designed the perfect urban elements for private companies, landscape architects, local authorities, architects and more.

Neko’s designs can be found in many great projects of all sizes, where they add innovation, eco-design and a splash of colour.

Clients in both public and private sectors trust Neko to find unique solutions to their design projects. In fact, many of them come to us having been told by others that what they are looking for is ‘impossible’. This is not in our vocabulary! Often, a new perspective and the right attitude is all that’s needed to come up with a totally new solution.

Collaboration is key

With offices in Spain and Mexico, we work together on projects across borders as one international team. The people at Neko are curious and creative professionals with different areas of expertise – and we’re passionate about improving our public spaces through design. We believe in the power of collaboration and our aim is to work with partners and distributors worldwide who share our vision and ambition.


We set ourselves an ambitious goal to win at least one international design award each year. Most recently we won an iF Design Award and a Red Dot Award, and our designs have won competitions and been exhibited and published all over the world. These are some of our accolades:

What our clients say


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