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Welcome to Neko, an industrial design studio with a vision to make the world around us better through our work. We help our clients create beautiful and functional outdoor spaces with our innovative cycling solutions, playgrounds, street furniture, and custom design service. Discover the solutions we can bring to your urban projects.

A shared passion


Neko started life in 2005 with four friends: Alice, Daniel, Hiroshi and Karime. We had a couple of computers and a vision to make the world a bit better through our designs. What has grown from that moment has been truly exciting. Other like-minded people have joined the Neko team, and our work has travelled the world, been featured in press from Forbes to Architectural Digest, and picked up several international design awards along the way.




Your projects are our inspiration.

We started out working on industrial design consultancy projects such as urban furniture and signage design for architects and urban designers. After working with several high-profile clients, we noticed something interesting – people were contacting us to ask how they could buy the street furniture on our website. They were looking for something new and different, and they couldn’t find it.

We spotted an opportunity and created Neko City, our own line of design-led and user-friendly street furniture. The aim was for each piece to add something extra to the spaces it adorned.

And it didn’t stop there. People kept asking us to design the things they couldn’t find - a user-friendly two-tier bike rack; a smart cycle hub; imaginative playgrounds…the list went on.

So we designed them!


Award-winning urban products

The result was three product lines – now over 150 products, from street furniture to cycle parking and playgrounds. Many have won design awards; all are inspired by the vision of our clients.

Over 10,000 of our products have been installed, bringing innovation, eco-design and a splash of colour to great projects of all sizes.

Collaboration is key

With offices in Mexico and Spain, we’re a global team. Our company culture is the secret to our success – over the years we’ve been joined by a great team of like-minded friends and professionals - and we’re passionate about what we do! We believe in the power of collaboration and our aim is to work with partners and distributors worldwide who share our vision and ambition.


We set ourselves an ambitious goal to win at least one international design award each year,  and we're pleased to say we've achieved it! These are some of them:






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