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Who we are

We are Neko Design, an award-winning design and innovation studio creating industrial design solutions since 2005. Experts in street furniture, urban cycling solutions and playgrounds, we make each project a beautiful experience for everyone who uses it.

Our European operation, based in the UK and Spain, is headed by Alice Pegman and Hiroshi Ikenaga, two of the founding partners of Neko, and supported by our multi-disciplinary team at our headquarters in Mexico City.


What we do

Our multidisciplinary team includes industrial designers, architects and engineers, and works with a wide range of clients worldwide from global corporations to architecture studios and local governments.

We have carried out a diverse range of design projects including playground equipment, street furniture, signage and urban cycling infrastructure.

Our clients trust us to create solutions where they were unable to find one.

Why work with us?

Our integral design approach means we consider not just aesthetics, but also cost, material, feasibility, time, safety, and the environment. We are continuously investigating materials, forms and trends to bring new developments to this field.

We offer a complete service, through all stages from design concept to construction plans and supervision of manufacture, as required.

Our work has won design awards internationally and been featured in exhibitions and publications worldwide.



Our portfolio of international awards and media includes:






Alice Pegman

Managing Director  -  UK

Hiroshi Ikenaga

Design Director  -  UK

Karime Tosca

Managing Director  -  Mexico

Daniel Olvera

Design Director  -  Mexico


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